This brochure is designed to help couples from the church and community prepare for their wedding. For more information, please contact the church's Wedding Hostess.


Christian marriage begins with a decision of two persons to spend the remainder of their lives together as husband and wife, sharing the joys and cares, the loves, and responsibilities of interdependent living.

More than just a physical union, Christian marriage is the uniting of two spirits, two children of God. Through mutual trust and faith, the two can achieve a sense of oneness that will touch every element of their lives. Marriage is a partnership in which each person respects the rights and privileges of the other. It is a skilled oneness which comes with practice and patience. It is a love which grows.

Christian marriage is a big step-and it can be a wonderful one! No other human ties are more tender, no other vows more sacred than these you now assume:'


The Sanctuary and Chapel are dedicated to the glory of God, and used for the administration of the Christian sacraments, public worship, and private prayer, for weddings and funerals, and for activities of the church and its organizations.. To all who desire to use the worship facilities for any of these purposes, a cordial invitation is extended. Please remember to treat them with reverence and good taste.


The church is happy to make its facilities available to all who desire a wedding service which emphasizes the sacredness of Christian marriage. The staff wants to do everything within its power to make marriage a deeply religious experience.

In keeping with its mission, the church does not rent its facilities for weddings. There are, however, fees involved in the use of church facilities, equipment, and personnel. The furnishings and the equipment in the Sanctuary are part of the primary function of worship, and therefore are not to be moved without permission. In keeping with the purpose and policy of the church, SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED IN THE BUILDINGS; AND ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT TO BE BROUGHT ON, CONSUMED, OR SERVED ANYWHERE ON THE PROPERTY.


Weddings on Saturdays may be scheduled at 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., or 4 p.m.

The two hours allotted for a wedding includes one hour prior to the scheduled beginning of the service and one hour after the scheduled beginning of the service. (Example: If the service were scheduled to begin at. 10:00 a.m., the church would be open to the wedding party from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.)

The timing of weddings scheduled on a day other than Saturday is dependent. upon available facilities and personnel


The pastors of our church officiates at all weddings, although a pastor from another church may assist at the discretion of the pastor. WEDDINGS MUST BE SCHEDULED WITH THE PASTOR-IN-CHARGE BEFORE SETTING A DATE, OR MAKING DETAILED ARRANGEMENTS, Counseling interviews with the pastor in charge are required: at least a month prior to the wedding. The pastor may direct a couple to other counseling sessions.

A valid marriage license, issued within the state, and acceptable for use in the county, must be presented to the pastor before the marriage service will take place.

The license and the marriage certificate are signed by the best man and maid or matron of honor, in the presence of the pastor, just prior to the service.


The name and address of the church is as follows:

Covenant United Methodist Church

3520 Frontage Road, Reedsport, OR 97467-1738

Church (541) 271-3771, Pastor (541) 271-4212


After the application for the wedding has been approved, the Wedding Hostess will call the bride to assist with detailed arrangements for the wedding and for the reception, if held at the church.

Beth Hurlocker (541) 271-4434

The fee for hostess services is indicated on the back page of this booklet. This staff person is not optional.


Music arrangements must be cleared first by the pastor and then the organist. The church has an organist on the staff who provides the organ or piano music at ALL weddings. Soloists also are available through the church. The Wedding Hostess will provide the name and number of the organist.


Since a wedding is a service of worship, use care in selecting music. The music should be consistent with the religious character of matrimony. It is not to be assumed that just any music may be used. It is appropriate for the congregation to sing.


Arrangements for flowers are the responsibility of the couple. Aisle runners are not permitted. Alternating pews have rings for attaching decorations.

The use of candles is limited by the fire department to the Chancel area. Only the church candelabra may be used. The Cross, Bible, and candles must remain in position, and must not be covered or hidden.


The church is open for taking pictures one hour before the service is scheduled to begin. Photography is not allowed during the service, but the ceremony may be videotaped from the back of the sanctuary. Details about when and where pictures are to be taken should be discussed in advance with the photographer.


In order to confirm a wedding date and time, a written and signed application and a non refundable deposit of $25 must be submitted to the church office.


Deposit: A refundable cleaning deposit of $50, applied to the total cost, must be paid upon applying for a wedding service.

Facilities: Sanctuary (non-members), $100.00

Use of appropriate facilities is included.

Assistants: Organist $50.00

Wedding Hostess $50.00

Note: Prices quoted here are subject to change. Please check with hostess.


The balance of all fees must be paid two weeks prior to the wedding. Checks should be payable to the church. Please include all fees in one check.

Note: The pastors honorarium is not included in the charges listed above and should be presented to the pastor prior to the service.


1. For a more relaxed and enjoyable experience, please schedule wedding plans at least three months in advance.

2. The wedding service will not begin until all fees are paid in full.

3. The throwing of rice, confetti, or bird seed, the consumption of alcoholic beverages in any form, and smoking are not permitted in the church buildings or on the grounds.

4. If children will be included in the wedding ceremony (flower girls, ring bearers, candle lighters, etc.), please clear their participation with the pastor and have them present at the wedding rehearsal.

5.All SCHEDULED MEETINGS interviews, rehearsal, and wedding service MUST BEGIN ON TIME. 6. No food or beverage may be consumed in the Sanctuary, Bride's Room, or office area.

7. The church does not allow rehearsals or weddings to take' place when ANY member of the wedding party is under the influence of drugs or alcohol..

8. Any cancellation of wedding plans must be made in writing as soon as possible..


During the carefully outlined rehearsal, details of the wedding are reviewed. The marriage service shall be conducted according to the customs and practices of our church. The rehearsal is to be attended by all members of the wedding party, the ushers, the parents.,of the bride and the parents of the groom.


Arriving at the church:

1 hour before: bride, maid of honor (with groom's ring), attendants, and mother of the bride.

45 minutes before: Ushers

30 minute before: Groom (with license), best man (with bride's ring) and other family members

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